Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obligatory Political Post

Everybody's doing their own political post now. I really don't have anything to say that others haven't said better than me. If you care about Israel's future, which I do, please take the time to read the following pieces. I know it takes time, but they're mostly excellent and rather addictive.

UPDATE: OK I couldn't resist. For those who don't focus on Israel, here's one of the greatest political minds of our times (in my opinion):

Krauthammer - I'm still voting for John McCain
Krauthammer - McCain for president, part II
Krauthammer - Obama & Friends: Judge Not?

2nd Update: What I think is a great counter to "Obama loves Israel"
Note to Dems: Why McCain Wins in Israel

And here's the impact on Israel:

Mona Charen - Denial Runs through American Jewry

Caroline Glick - Testing Obama's Mettle

Caroline Glick - Running Against Bush

Jonathan Rosenblum - The End of the Special Relationship?

Jonathan Rosenblum - Who Says Jews are Smart?

Daniel Pipes - Obama Would Fail a Security Clearance

Not as interesting (in my opinion), but may be easier than to read all those articles:

Ben Shapiro on Obama
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3